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The 3 Types of Eyeliner

EYELINER EXPLAINED I have checked out the different types of eyeliner.  I wanted to understand the benefits of each style.   I think this will allow me to branch out.  I learned what each style of the liner does best.  This will build my creativity and artistry. #PENCILEYELINER Not that long ago liners looked like the pencils that children used to color.  There wasn't much variety.  This has changed.  The pencils have come a long way.  The texture is creamier. The come in the mechanical style helps you to save the product.  There think, thick, no-smudge, and waterproof pencils.  There is also a bigger range of color choices.  There is now a variety. If you wear false lashes, liner pencils are not the best option.  Some pencils liner contain oils, and when applying them tension is caused.   #GELEYELINER This liner has a texture that is the middle ground between a pencil and a liquid.  It is creamier than a pencil and thicker than a liquid.  It is usually packaged in a small pot and

Minimize The Appearance of Enlarged Pores

Why are pores enlarged? How can you minimize the appearance of enlarged pores? Product Recommendation: Anew Vitale Night Cream purchase here BENEFITS • In one day make your skin look more radiant • In 7 days*, this night cream reduces enlarged pores and evens complexion • Moisturizes skin to erase fine lines and make skin appear well-rested • Immediately boosts skin's hydration by 137% • Non-greasy and non-oily • Non-comedogenic • Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested  • Phthalate-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free For more Beauty Tip and info join my Facebook group CLICK HERE

5 FAQ' ON Skincare

5  Skincare FAQ'S What causes acne? Acne can be caused by excess sebum oil and clogged pores doctors aren't sure why some people get acne and others do not but some research suggests that hormone levels May play a role acne is most common in yoga dogs with increasing hormone levels and about 80% of people will have at least one acne outbreak before the age of 30 it is less common and older adults who tend to have sso far there is no definitive evidence that factors such as stress diet or light makeup have any links with acne if you have acne wash gently with the mile cleanser no more than twice a day and avoid hard scrubbing exfoliating or touching the affected are steadier   hormone levels since stress can affect hormones and may also play a role in the development of acne. What are the most important parts of the skincare routine ? Since sun damage increases the reach of skin cancer as well as skin problems arranging for wrinkles to dark spots wearing sunscreen on a daily bas

4 Common Causes of Dry Hair

 Your hair is your crown, and part of your personality.  So when it's dull and brittle you have to address the issue.  I want to provide a solution. Discover how to ditch your dry hair for soft healthy hair.  Here are the 5 most common causes of dry damaged hair.   1. USING THE WRONG HAIR CARE PRODUCTS When you select your shampoo and conditioner, check the labels before you purchase.  Avoid products with alcohol.  Alcohol strips the hair of your natural oils.  You need products formulated with nourishing hair oils.  Avocado oil, argan oil, and coconut oil are great choices for dry hair. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Overexposure to the sun, extreme heat, cold winds, and low humidity can all harm your hair.  Avoid prolonged exposure to the elements.  If you love to swim in pools please rinse your hair before and after jumping in the pool. This prevents your strands from soaking up the chlorinated water. 3. OVER-USE OF HAIR DYES AND BLEACHES Harsh chemicals found in hair products can li