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CBD Oil for your skin???

  shop Avon brochure CBD is the buzz word it can be found in everything.  Serums, creams, sunscreen, chapstick, and cleansers.  These beauty products are popping up everywhere.  The global CBD cosmetics market has an estimated value of $580 million, North America is responsible for a big chunk.  Guess what it is expected to hit 1.7 billion by 2025, CBD may be here to stay.  Are you considering adding CBD to your mix but you are unsure well let's break it down? What is CBD???* Cannabidiol, commonly know as CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in cannabis plants ( marijuana and hemp).  It is one of two active ingredients in cannabis. the other being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, in other words, it will not make you high.   Research has shown the CBD can be effective in alleviating anxiety, inflammation and pain, insomnia, and some forms of childhood epilepsy.  CBD has also shown to prevent cognitive decline.  It also thought to be

Ingrown Hairs tips and treatments

  WHAT CAUSES INGROWN HAIRS? An ingrown hair happens when shaved or tweezed hair grows back into the skin.  It causes inflammation, pain, and tiny bumps in the area where the hair was removed.  Ingrown hairs are a common condition seen mostly in men who shave their facial hair.  I have to also let you know it's most common in men but women are prone to ingrown hairs as well.  The areas women are most prone to ingrown hairs to occur are the legs, armpits, and pubic areas.    This condition can happen to anyone.  It seems that those that have curly coarse hair are also more prone to this condition.  Curly coarse hair is more likely to bend back and re-enter your skin, even more so after a shave. Those that have higher hormone levels can have more hair than usual.  When the hair bends back into the skin and gets trapped under the surface it is called a razor bump.  Most times the ingrown hair will go away on its own.  When it does not clear up you could end up with an infection, scarr