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4 Steps to Manage and Heal Cracked Dry Feet

  Dry, cracked heels, something I struggle with year-round. They’re rough and uncomfortable, affecting the way I stand and walk.   During warmer weather, dry, cracked feet may also affect your choice of footwear. They make me self conscience in the summertime so I don't wear cute shoes It isn’t much you can do to stop dry, cracked feet from occurring the first time (especially on the heel of the foot), there  are some  steps I took to quickly return my feet to picture-perfect smoothness. What’s more, you can easily stay ahead of the problem so dry heels don’t remain a consistent bother.  I have to have "HOT GIRL" feet. Cracked Heels: How to Deal The obvious treatment for cracked heels is to get weekly pedicures; however, who has the time and money this takes, not me. Not to worry:  I found some at-home remedies for dry, cracked heels that can make a beautiful difference. Here’s what’s easy to do at home to make cracked heels look and feel amazingly better: Each night, aft

How to Shave your legs

 Well have you been suffering from nicks and cuts, razor burn, or skin irritation?   I have put together some simple tips to minimize these concerns 1. Please use a sharp razor     *if your razor pulls at your skin or feels rough on your skin it's time please replace it.       A dull razor will only irritate your skin  2.  Before you shave be sure to hydrate your skin.       * The hair is easier to cut when wet.  Shaving dry hair will cause irritation because it dulls  the razor. 3. After hydrating the skin apply a shaving gel or oil that lathers.  This will help the blade to glide easier on the skin.  You will also be able to see where you have shaved.   4. Use long steady strokes     *You should not have to push hard, if you do your blade may need to be cleaned, or you may need a shaper blade.  Shave carefully around the boney areas.  Be sure ti rinse blad between strokes. Also, slow down no need to be in a hurry.  5. Lastly be sure to moisturize after you shave.     * This will