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Benefits of Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen

  Choosing Your Sunscreen: The Benefits of Mineral & Chemical Looking for worry-free, fun in the sun for the whole family? Don’t forget your sunscreen! And whether you’re considering a mineral or chemical sunscreen, you can find plenty of options that are safe for use on your face and body, no matter what your skin color is. Both offer great sun protection and benefits, so it all comes down to preference. But maybe we should start with the basic difference between the two: Mineral Sunscreen Blocks Sunlight.  Apply it to your skin so it can act as a cover to deflect sunlight. And it works immediately upon application. Chemical Sunscreen Converts Sunlight.  You apply it to be absorbed into your skin, where it chemically changes UV rays into non-damaging heat. You’ll need to wait 30 minutes after application before sun exposure. Whichever sunscreen you choose, you’ll get the best results using it regularly and consistently. (You and yours will have more fun, too!)  For more info >&


  VEGAN SKINCARE The only thing that differs between ‘regular’ and vegan skincare is the ingredients. Our goal is to find an option that keeps our skin gorgeous and glowing, without anything to do with the animals we love.  Which Skincare Ingredients are NOT Vegan? While this is not a complete list of all of the skincare ingredients that are not vegan, these are the most commonly known and used in commercial skincare products.  Lanolin  – Used to soften and moisturize, this emollient is made from sheep’s wool, and can easily be swapped with a plant-based oil (olive, jojoba, etc.) or butter (like coconut or shea) Beeswax  – A natural wax produced by  honey  bees, it helps to keep liquids and solids together in a mixture, and can be substituted with a plant-based wax such as soy, candelilla, or carnauba. Glycerin  – Traditionally made using animal fat, this moisturizing ingredient can be replaced by vegetable glycerin instead. Squalene  – This additive is often used for anti-aging produc