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Essential Oils can Boost Your Well-Being

WHAT ARE SOME    BENEFITS OF  ESSENTIAL OILS? * Enhance your mood * Refresh your senses * keep you energized and focused * help with relaxation CHOOSING ESSENTIAL OILS TO USE ON SKIN To Focus *A blend of sweet almond oil, lemon peel, and rosemary left extract *Apply to wrist or hands to help stimulate  the mind during studying or intense work To Energize *A blend of almond oil, grapefruit oil, sweet orange peel oil, and rosemary leaf extract Apply to the temples for invigorated feeling To soothe the mind *A blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and sweet almond oil *Helps to relieve frequent headaches *Apply to the neck shoulders and behind the ears Restful sleep *Lavender and chamomile creates a peaceful environment * Add this to your diffuser and you will be ready for a good nights sleep Place your order today click >>> here

3 Ways to Boost Collagen

THIS IS MY INSTAGRAM LIVE Transcribed. For more great info and beauty tips join my Facebook community@ 3 ways to boost collagen  Hello, everyone. My name is Shirley and I am the owner of Shirlie's Daughters. Shirlie's Daughters is a company I started about five years ago to help raise extra funds for me and my girls, hence the name Shirlie's Daughters. Okay, the company was named for my daughter's Shirlie's Daughters is a company that is here to help women with their skincare concerns. Because I feel like all women should look and feel good. Well, tonight, I am here because I want to talk to you about some ways to slow down the clock on it that aging skin. So we're gonna talk anti aging tonight. There are three factors that you want to consider when you're talking about your skin and anti aging. The first one is going to be sunscreen. The second one is going to be boosting the collage