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  Shirlie's Anti-Aging  Booster Package  This package along with changing your diet will increase your collagen  giving your skin a more youthful appearance. The 3 most important factors in anti aging is collagen production sun protection and anti-oxidants.   *  Sun protection wear sun screen, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from sun damage use a SPF of 30 ( cover face neck and chest) * Collagen Production topically - apply Vit C foods - to eat broccoli,aloe vera, Spiralina, and chlorella professional treatment - micro-needling Anti-Oxidants   foods- green tea, berries  topically- Vit C, Resveratrol, and Vit A (retinol) SHIRLIE'S ANTI -AGEING PACKAGE Anew Skinvincable (Sun Screen ) Anew Clinical Line Eraser (Vit A) Anew VitC Serum $85  ($129 value) You love the sun, but not the damage it can do to your skin! Anew Skinvincible Multi-Shield Lotion contains Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to take the worry away. Protect yourself against the visible effects of environmental skin dam

Did You Know You Can Eat Your Way to Health Skin?

You have probably said it or least heard it " You are what you eat"   This expression is accurate.  Now there is an abundance of factors that contribute to healthy glowing skin.  Some foods because of their vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content actually promote healthy skin.  I searched the internet for meals that contain two or more foods with properties known to protect or repair the skin.  Please you must understand that these foods are not a substitute for preventive measures like sunscreen.  From Quinoa to dark chocolate here are 5 ways to eat your way to better skin. Breakfast Quinoa Breakfast Cereal with Berries and Almonds   Quinoa has extra protein and is also rich in selenium which improves the skin's elasticity.  Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, which fight off free radicals.  Almonds are a great source of  vitamin E, which protects our skins from the Kale, Apple, Raspberry, and Goji Green Smoothie You can sip your way to healthier skin with this nutrie

Winter Skincare

“The combination of windy, cold, dry weather outside and humidity-depleting heaters indoors works to drain our skin of vital moisture during winter months,” explains  Dr. Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD , founder and owner of The Dermatology & Laser Group in NYC. “Our dewy, hydrated summer glow can quickly fade to a dull and ashy appearance,” he adds. And if you don’t know already by now, lack of hydration can cause your skin to produce more wrinkles and dry out much faster. So how do you combat these conditions? Dermatologists offer their best solutions, ahead.   In the winter the skin fights a losing battle.  The combination of winy cold, dry weather, and the humidity-depleting heaters drain the skin of moisture.   This lack of hydration causes wrinkles.  How can you combat these attackers?  Here are some best practices.   1. After working out feeling the sweat on your skin, the first thing to come to mind may be a long hot shower.  That can be a bad idea. During the winter months, you s

3 Ways to Boost Collagen

THIS IS MY INSTAGRAM LIVE Transcribed. For more great info and beauty tips join my Facebook community@ 3 ways to boost collagen  Hello, everyone. My name is Shirley and I am the owner of Shirlie's Daughters. Shirlie's Daughters is a company I started about five years ago to help raise extra funds for me and my girls, hence the name Shirlie's Daughters. Okay, the company was named for my daughter's Shirlie's Daughters is a company that is here to help women with their skincare concerns. Because I feel like all women should look and feel good. Well, tonight, I am here because I want to talk to you about some ways to slow down the clock on it that aging skin. So we're gonna talk anti aging tonight. There are three factors that you want to consider when you're talking about your skin and anti aging. The first one is going to be sunscreen. The second one is going to be boosting the collage


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Instructions to Treat Skin Hyperpigmentation Natur ally  Home cures  Causes  Clinical treatment  Synopsis  Review  Pigmentation alludes to the shading of the skin. Skin pigmentation problems cause changes to the shade of your skin. Melanin is made by cells in the skin and is the shade answerable for your skin's shading.  Hyperpigmentation is a condition that makes your skin obscure. This can influence patches of your skin or your whole body. Age spots, likewise called liver spots, are a typical sort of hyperpigmentation.  Hyperpigmentation is typically innocuous however can now and again be brought about by a basic ailment. Certain meds can likewise make your skin obscure. It's even more a corrective issue for a great many people.  Pigmentation treatment at home  There are a few different ways that you can treat hyperpigmentation at home. While a few of the cures we share here are episodic, some examination proposes their principle fixings take a shot at skin pigmentation.  App