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 Skin Care Recommendation for Rosacea* When you have this skincare concern, you need to take special care when taking care of your skin. People with rosacea have skin that is easily irritated by cleansers, creams, and makeup. The right products can help you have the best looking and feeling skin. These recommendations should prove to be helpful skin-care tips. 1. Learn Your Triggers Each person with rosacea has different triggers, or things that make their rosacea worse. This can include some ingredients, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup. The best way to learning which skin products work involves trying different ones to see what works.. Doctors usually recommend trying a new product on a small area of skin for a few weeks first. This will allow you to make sure it doesn’t cause redness, burning, or stinging. If a product caues irritation STOP using it.* 2. Avoid Products That Dry Skin Check out the labels, and watch out for ingredients that can mak


USE THESE 3 PRODUCTS TO MEET YOUR PERSONAL WELLNESS NEEDS Introducing a new product, created by nutritional experts to meet your personal wellness needs. With three product lines, there’s something for everyone. Need more energy? Fuel your body with long lasting natural energy to help invigorate your metabolism, BOOST. Want to glow from the inside out? Enhance your natural beauty, day and night, GLOW. Want optimal nutritional support without the stress? Want help filling your nitritional gaps to keep you balanced, RESTORE. Made of naturally sourced ingredients from whole foods and superfoods, with no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors, our three systems complement each other to make you feel and look your best. Why Try? This is the only line of supplements you’ll find that focuses on supporting your natural energy by taking all of your lifestyle needs into consideration. These products are organized around three core wellnessneeds : boos t Revitalize your body an

5 of the NEWEST MAKE-UP TRENDS just in time for PROM!

Complete your look for Prom with the hottest makeup trends of 2018.   Are you looking for a glamourous or simple vibe?  There is a trendy look for every style. Let's Take a look at these cute makeup looks you can try for Prom. Fuchsias and Oranges Orange shadows are all the craze right now.  Try a terra cotta shade in the crease of the eye then cover the rest the lid with a pop of hot pink to the rest of the lid, and an orange based blush to match. Go dramatic or playful with these velvety, easily blendable shades to create countless combinations. All Over Gloss Shine in a single sweep, Avon True Color Glazewear Lip Gloss!  Our #1 lip gloss is new and improved. Glazewear delivers high shine, rich color, and instant moisturization.                       This dewy look is real comfortable.  Pop some clear gloss to your eyelids.  This look is as easy to accomplish. Over the top cat eye This bold and cray look will make you stand out in the crowd.  Take you

Sheer,matte,cream,gloss,which one?

Lipstick sheer, matte,cream,  gloss, which one? Beautiful and  lush  lips play  a   major  role in making you look   stupendous .  We all love and admire luscious and shiny lips. Selection of right lipstick can help you in achieving lovely lips the one that you desire. Here below there are types of lipstick that would help you to choose the best one for your lips.   There are various types on the market from  moisturizing  and nourishing to long-lasting, gloss and matte. There’s no right or wrong type, style or  colo r  of lipstick you should be wearing   it is about  personal style and  choice?   HERE ARE SOME OF THE TYPES OF LIPSTICK AVAILABLE  AND THEIR BENEFITS:   Matte   CLICK HERE mark. By Avon Lipclick Matte Full Color Lipstick Matte lipsticks are   mainly  famous for their  long-lasting  nature. It is a shine free  lipstick, that   is   available  in  a vast  am ount   of color s. A matte lipstick is usuall