MAKE TIME FOR YOU!9 ways to pamper yourself

Everyone needs some ME time.  We as women understand how important it is to pamper yourself now and again.  I love spending time with me to treat myself special.  You know what they say men work from sun up to sun down, but a woman's work  is never done.  So as a woman you deserve a little special treatment.  Remember you are what you have to work with for the rest of your life, so treat yourself well and pamper yourself.  Lets talk ways to feel pampered right at home.  

1.Take a foot soakUse a small pan or tub with a little warm water and oil to soak your feet.
You walk an average of 5,000 steps a day — in a lifetime, the equivalent of 4½ times around the world. Your hardworking feet deserve pampering! Pamper your feet with this lavender-scented 3-in-1 oil. this oil works as a moisturizer, cuticle oil and indulgent soak. Your rough, dry feet and cuticles feel silky smooth and rejuvenated. Oil Pamper your feet with this lavender-scented 3…


Just SPF Isn’t Enough!
The Sun is your skin's worst enemy!   You really need to take the Sun serious.  The Sun has the power damage your skin and cause cancer.  So protect yourself  everyday not just on National Sunscreen Day (May 27th).
Now when it comes to your complexion the environment also has to be considered.  The wind and cold will dry your skin out.  Particles in the air can clog your pores.  Pollutants interferes with the process for rebuilding skin cells. Extreme temperature changes can cause an imbalance in the skin.  
This why SPF isn't enough.  So since not going outside is not an option, what can you do to protect your skin and keep it young looking.  Doctors and skin advisors will tell you that you need to do two key things, protect and repair.  

I know your are on the edge of your chair wondering  how you can protect and repair.  Well for starters wearing a hat will help when out in the sun.  You also need to build a solid defense.   One way to achieve this is by…
5 Makeup Trends for HalloweenWhether you’ve had your Halloween costume ready since August or you simply want a boo-tiful look to help you get into the spirit while passing out candy, you’ll love these easy makeup tricks and treats.

Vampy lips and nailsA quick swipe of a dark burgundy lipstick is all you need to rock your inner vamp. Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Superb Wine has mega-staying power so it won’t pull a disappearing act. To maximize intensity for the most dramatic effect, apply the color straight from the tube, blot with a tissue, and apply a second coat. For your nails use a coat of Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Midnight Plum on top of a coat of Licorice gives you the perfect dark hue.

Witches’ brew nails You’ll have all the magic you need at your fingertips with a hocus pocus-inspired mani. Paint nails with two coats ofGel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamelin Envy then highlight just the tips with Glimmer for a two-tone mani that casts a spell. Cat eyes
The Best Fragrance for Every Occasion

Im not a fashion queen but I do understand that you should dress for the occasion. No sweats on date night, no evening gown for a lunch date.  So it only stands to reason that there is a fragrance for every occasion.  So I put together a few examples of what scents work with some common scenarios.  
Date Night Is it your first date with the hot new guy?  Is it date night with your husband? You have to lit you need a dress that keeps their attention,  a great lipstick, and a scent that is ultra feminine and super sexy.  This scent has to be captivating, a sultry touch of a woodsy spice, and a few floral notes
My pick: Avon Femme: opens with sweet florals of jasmine petals and magnolia. Rich amberwoods round out the fragrance, turning it into a sexy scent he won’t be able to resist!
Dinner with Mom When having dinner with mom a scent that radiates  LOVE  needs to light up the room.  start with a bouquet of romantic floral notes. Add a dose of positivi…


I waited until I was in my forties to level up my look.  Make-up is a major part of my leveling up.  Mascara is so important to my routine.  It makes you look alert and ready to go.  It also puts the finishing touch on any look.  Mascara will also stand alone because it will make you appear put together.  There are some days when I need all the help I can get.  There are so many different choices when it comes to mascaras.  Finding one that you love is not easy.  
WellLOVE AT  FIRST LASH is now my go to product.  The heart shape fibers is what set this mascara apart.  This mascara helps to visibly give your lashes length and volume.   The heart shape fiber is the latest technology, an innovation.  These heart shaped fiber are hollow and light weight.  It will not weigh down your lashes.  
Avon's love complex nourishes and hydrates your lashes, instead of adding weight like traditional mascara.  The Love Complex uses lycopene, olive oil, …

Changing Seasons Changing Skin

Changing Seasons Changing SkinThe temperature fluctuation between seasons make it difficult to keep your skin looking and feeling moisturized. The moisture in the air changes drastically. You skin takes the hit at this time.  
During this time what choose to put on your skin is so important.  I really important that you keep your skin hydrated.  You should chose skin care products that contain hyaluronic  acid.  This acid naturally occurs in your skin, but over time it is loss.  This hydrator holds  times its weight in water.  This will refresh your skin, helping it to moisturized.

Your skincare routine must include moisturizer
Avon has a cutting edge product with micro-bubbles. These bubbles delivers the anti-oxidant from raspberries to your skin.  The antioxidant protects your skin from environmental stressors, which aids your skin in retaining moisture. This along with the hyaluronic acid means hydrated skin.  After cleansing your skin morning or night, smooth on the Hydra Fusion Serum…
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