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What is Hair Bonding Treatment?

  Are you trying to figure out how to treat damaged hair, dry hair, or frizzy hair? If your hair has been chemically processed or recently exposed to environmental factors such as sun exposure or air pollution, then your tresses may need a hair bonding treatment. Using replenishing keratin and plant-based bonding agent will help rebuild, revive and protect your hair. A bonding hair treatment works deep within the hair shaft to repair broken and damaged bonds to restore hair to a healthier state. It rebuilds bonds and increases moisture and elasticity, helping to shield damaged, dry, or fragile hair strands against further damage and breakage from heat, color, mechanical, and/or chemical processes. Bonding Agent's Hair Benefits: - Naturally derived from plants - Repairs and rebuilds damaged or broken bonds - Strengthens and revives hair to a healthier state Keratin helps replenishes and protect your hair’s natural keratin protein, while dramatically improving the elastically and pre
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How to Care for your Skin's Microbiome

Microbiomes are beneficial micro-flora that live on the skin as a protective layer, helping to balance skin and keep it looking healthy. When the microbiome balance is disturbed, skin loses its ability to hold moisture, becoming dry and damaged. Care for your microbiome with advanced formulas from our Moisture Therapy collection, and body care made with prebiotics and para-probiotics to help balance and soothe the skin. Shop Bath & Body Create a healthy environment for the skin’s microbiome with Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Wash, a revitalizing body wash that gently cleanses to leave skin soft and smooth while helping restore its balance. Featuring visible capsules for a refreshing cleansing experience, it’s a great body wash for dry skin. Body Lotion replenishes moisture while soothing and balancing to leave skin softer, smoother, and healthier-looking. Use it alongside Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Wash for a moisturizing body care routine. Restor

How to Get Rid of Fine lines

  WEAR SUNSCREEN As you may already know, wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 goes a long way in preventing cancer.   You may not know that sunscreen also slows the signs of aging.  So wear that sunscreen on the beach, but remember using moisturizing sunscreen on your face daily  will benefit your skin for the long haul. LIMIT YOUR SUGAR INTAKE Sugar in the body starts the process of glycation.  This is not beneficial, over time it breaks down the  collagen in the body causes your looks to age.   So limit your sugar intake and avoid oil-rich foods to  retain that youthful glow. CUT OUT SMOKING A study took identical twins and showed that the one that smokes appeared to be older.   This proof that smoking affects the skin. Not to mention the high risk of cancer when you are a  smoker.  SWITCH UP YOUR SLEEP POSITION   Wrinkles are caused by the position you sleep in.  It's called compression your face presses against the  pillow the same way night after night.  Your skin becomes weak


 Cellulite is the formation of lumps and-- dimples in the skin.  It can be found in both men and women, but it is more common in women.  Around 80-90 percent will experience cellulite at some point in their life.   Grade 1 Orange-peel appearance and slightly draped or sagging skin Grade 2 medium depth depression, a cottage cheese appearance, and moderately sagging skin Grade 3  Very deep depression, a mattress appearance, and severely sagging skin.  Hormonal Factor and age Hormones likely play an important role in cellulite development.   noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin are part of the cellulite production process. One theory is estrogen decreases in women during menopause, blood flow to the skin decreases. This low circulation means less oxygen and low collagen production.  Fat cells enlarge as well.  The above factors make fat deposits more visible.  The fat under the weakened connective tissue causes the dimpling effect.  Aging skin is more likely to sag increasing th

4 Drinks you should avoid for clearer skin

  Its common knowledge that what you eat and what you drink can for the sure impact the health of your skin. Today I want to explore how some common everyday drinks affect the skin and alternatives you can have instead. FIZZY DRINKS Foods can hurt your skin. Let's talk about Fizzy drinks. These drinks are loaded with sugar, a can coke has around 39g of sugar. That's more than the daily recommended amount. These fizzy drinks also slow regeneration, because these drinks affect your chromosomes. This is a precursor to premature aging, which eventually affects your skin. So just understand that fizzy drinks cause fine lines and wrinkles. ALCOHOL The no-brainer on this list is alcohol. I don't have a high opinion of alcohol when on the topic of skincare. There are way too many reasons to list as to why it's not good for your skin. Here are the basics. Alcohol is an inflammatory So if you suffer from acne this isn't good news. Alcohol is also a vasodilator mea

Restful Sleep

  re:tune Inner Beauty Restful Sleep Helps to support a restorative and restful sleep.† BENEFITS • Proper sleep is important to looking your best. This natural, non-habit-forming supplement helps you get your beauty sleep and wake up refreshed† • A unique combination of melatonin, magnesium, and 5HTP, our sleep formula helps to support relaxation and calm for a good night's sleep† • 60 vegetarian capsules. • Non-GMO • No artificial colors • No artificial flavors • No preservatives • Vegetarian Check out this video for more tips on sleeping smarter.>>> CLICK HERE If you would like to purchase this awesome product >>> click HERE PLEASE LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE WITH A FRIEND PLEASE JOIN MY EXCLUSIVE  FACEBOOK GROUP FOR MORE GREAT TIPS AND GIVEAWAYS CLICK HERE

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