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How to Get Rid of Fine lines

  WEAR SUNSCREEN As you may already know, wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 goes a long way in preventing cancer.   You may not know that sunscreen also slows the signs of aging.  So wear that sunscreen on the beach, but remember using moisturizing sunscreen on your face daily  will benefit your skin for the long haul. LIMIT YOUR SUGAR INTAKE Sugar in the body starts the process of glycation.  This is not beneficial, over time it breaks down the  collagen in the body causes your looks to age.   So limit your sugar intake and avoid oil-rich foods to  retain that youthful glow. CUT OUT SMOKING A study took identical twins and showed that the one that smokes appeared to be older.   This proof that smoking affects the skin. Not to mention the high risk of cancer when you are a  smoker.  SWITCH UP YOUR SLEEP POSITION   Wrinkles are caused by the position you sleep in.  It's called compression your face presses against the  pillow the same way night after night.  Your skin becomes weak