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TUPPERWARE  from  Shirlie’s  daughters I bring to you a product that will help  you with    * Saving time and money   *Healthy eating   * saving the  environment Enhance  eyesight • At some point, everyone will experience some loss  of their young hawk-eye vision. • “Pure water” is one of the steps to sharper sight, “Drinking a sufficient amount of pure filtered  water will avert total-body dehydration, and subsequently dry eyes,” . Water intake should be  complemented with antioxidants (beta-carotene),  as well as fatty acids like fish oil. Promoting mental health • water has an “thought-provoking influence”  on mood levels. water helps keep you energized,  which helps you generate more “feel good”  hormones that impact mood. Faster wound healing • staying properly hydrated can step up the pace  of the wound healing stages.  a lack of  moisture reaching the surface of the wound 

Oily Skin

MY OILY SKIN WHAT CAN I DO? Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous glands make to much sebum.  This waxy, oily substance protects and hydrates the skin. The ironic thing here is that you need sebum to maintain healthy skin.  As with most things in life too much sebum is not good for you.  This can cause clogged pores and acne.  To manage oily skin it is recommended that you follow a skincare process.  Let talk about oily skin.  What does it look like? How can you treat it?  What are some ways to prevent it?  INDICATIONS Oily skin often affects the face, but can affect any area of the skin.  Signs and indicators of oily skin consist of:  a glossy or oleaginous presence * Huge pores on the skin * Sporadic or persistent pimples * Congested pores and blackheads * Skin looks thick and coarse TREATMENT I want to give you 6 tips that will diminish the symptoms of oily skin if it is problematic for you. 1. Wash regularly           


Skincare FAQs Spending time each day on a routine using  a small variety of quality products can make a huge difference.  Skincare is not complicated.  Below answers are provided to the most common questions about the care of  your skin. click her to to take skincare finder quiz Q: How can I avoid wrinkles? A: We all age and  wrinkles result  from that aging.  So wrinkles are going to happen, but they can be delayed or minimized.  Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen daily.  Also use skincare products with sun protection antioxidants and retinoids Q: How can I fix uneven skin tone? A:  Uneven skin tone can be caused by an uneven distribution of  pigment.  Sun exposure and hormonal changes also contribute to this issue.  Products that contain vitamin C can also even out your skin tone.  Sometimes dead skin cell are the problem.  Exfoliate once a day or every couple days. Q: How do I find my skin type? A: Usually skin is classified a few different