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I bring to you a product that will help you with

  * Saving time and money
  *Healthy eating
  * saving the 


Enhance  eyesight

At some point, everyone will experience some loss

 of their young hawk-eye vision.

“Pure water” is one of the steps to sharper sight,
“Drinking a sufficient amount of pure filtered 

water will avert total-body dehydration, and
subsequently dry eyes,” . Water intake should be 

complemented with antioxidants (beta-carotene), 

as well as fatty acids like fish oil.

Promoting mental health

water has an “thought-provoking influence” 

on mood levels. water helps keep you energized, 

which helps you generate more “feel good” 

hormones that impact mood.

Faster wound healing

staying properly hydrated can step up the pace 

of the wound healing stages.  a lack of 

moisture reaching the surface of the wound 

“will halt cellular movement, drop oxygenation 

of the blood and enormously delay the wound

 treatment development.”

repairing wounds requires 64-ounces or more 

of water per day (around 8-glasses). Drinking 

more than this can further help cells to travel 

to the wound site to supply more oxygen and 


Reducing skin Blemishes

The jury is still out whether drinking more water can make your skin look more youthful. As your body only uses so much of it before eliminating the excess (use a good moisturizer if you want anti-aging properties, suggest experts).

However, the  inflammation in the skin that 

causes acne can be treated to some degree 

with some quality H2O. Water can help flush 

out the toxins that lead to the irritation, see 

your doctor for any possible allergies

 causing skin blemishes.

How much Should

 I drink daily

Your weight: The first step to knowing how much water to drink every day is to know your weight.  A two-hundred-pound man and 100-pound woman require different amounts of water every day. 

Multiply by 2/3: Next you want to multiply your weight by 2/3 (or 67%) to determine how much water to drink daily. For example, if you weighed 175 pounds you would multiply that by 2/3 and learn you should be drinking about 117 ounces of water every day.
Activity Level: Finally you will want to adjust that number based on how often you work out since you are expelling water when you sweat. You should add 12 ounces of water to your daily total for every 30 minutes that you work out. So if you work out for 45 minutes daily, you would add 18 ounces of water to your daily intake.
My water intake
210 lbs. x .67 = 141 oz
141oz + 12oz (30 min work out) = 153 oz. per day
137 cases of water a year
16.9 oz 24 packs  about $2-$3 each

= $274-$411 per year 


Medium Tupperware

Eco Water Bottles


$19.00 (2pk)

Eco Water Bottles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to drink more water throughout the day, a positive habit that can have a real impact on your overall health. The tapered, contoured shape fits easily in your hand, and the medium bottle fits perfectly in backpacks.

Medium Tupperware
Eco Water Bottles

My water intake 153 oz per day

6- 25oz bottles = 3 2pks @ $19 = $57
$57* once vs. that $274-$411 per year
* lifetime warranty on breaking  

Savings of over $300 per year per person
Reduce, reuse recycle
Improving health  

Purchase today

Medium Eco Water Bottles

Eco Water Bottles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to drink more water throughout the day, a positive habit that can have a real impact on your overall health. The tapered, contoured shape fits easily in your hand, and the medium bottle fits perfectly 


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