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  THESE ARE THE FOODS I ADDED TO MY DIET TO IMPROVE MY COMPLEXION! 1.BLUEBERRIES Blueberries are Antioxidant superheroes! Antioxidants are the most effective defense we have against free radicals that we face in everyday life. They break down the toxins that are most harmful and damaging to the skin. Free radicals can slow collagen production and cause drying wrinkles that leads to wrinkles and faster aging. Add them to a morning smoothie, mix them up with your granola, or even sprinkle them on top of salad. 2.SALMON Once again we come to those precious fatty acid complexes that help plump and moisturize our skin from the inside out. Salmon is full of Omega 3’s that help with all kinds of conditions, notably helping protect your skin from one of it’s biggest enemies: the sun! Damage from sun exposure can lead to premature aging and creepy skin. Adding salmon to your diet helps repairs already damaged skin cells while helping new cells regenerate and hold moisture for

Perfect Date Night Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial

Want a flawless, date night makeup look? Follow along with Ashley for a few steps that will have you glamorous and out the door in no time! Tone Up Primer - Mint: Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation - Neutral Light: Mono Pop Eyeshadow Pallete Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow Glimmersticks Eye Liner Love at 1st Lash Mascara Moisture Cushion Highlighter:


Underwear that Fits Correctly ARTICLE: There is one very easy trick to making all your clothes look good (even when you’re wearing your own 34-year-old Duran Duran t-shirt – the oldest piece of clothing I own by a very, very long way). That number 1 trick? Get your underwear right. Oh, I can’t tell you how many years I spent wearing the wrong kind of underwear. The wrong size bra, ill-fitting knickers, the wrong  shape  bras… I’ve learnt a new trick just recently – but first, that t-shirt! My original Duran Duran Seven and the Ragged Tiger tour t-shirt is mine –  from 1983 . I cannot tell you how happy I am to be wearing my most treasured t-shirt and oldest item in my wardrobe, an item I thought until recently was most probably lost. I knew I hadn’t deliberately got rid of it, I just knew I’d put it somewhere ‘safe’ (that old chestnut!) and I’d been looking for it for years.

Our Guide to the Different Types of Makeup Brushes

Our Guide to the Different Types of Makeup Brushes In the video above, Colleen and Michelle give you a little overview of makeup brushes, but for more detail, read on, and let me help you figure out the best makeup brushes to use for your eyes, lips, and face. Eyes Angled Liner Brush Other names : angled eyeliner brush, small angle brush, slanted eyeliner brush Use it for : lining the eyes They can be used for powder liner, or when you need a straight edge, such as when you’re tracing lips with concealer or filling out the brows. Eyeliner Brush Other names : liner brush Use it for : precise eyeliner application This brush has a precision tip which makes it perfect for a thin, smooth stroke along the lash line. Use it with liquid or gel eyeliner, or dip it in brightly colored eye shadow for a bolder look.  Smudge Brush Other names : smudger brush Use it for : applying shadow to the lash line or smudging out eyeliner With its dens