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Underwear that Fits Correctly

There is one very easy trick to making all your clothes look good (even when you’re wearing your own 34-year-old Duran Duran t-shirt – the oldest piece of clothing I own by a very, very long way).

That number 1 trick? Get your underwear right. Oh, I can’t tell you how many years I spent wearing the wrong kind of underwear. The wrong size bra, ill-fitting knickers, the wrong shape bras… I’ve learnt a new trick just recently – but first, that t-shirt!
My original Duran Duran Seven and the Ragged Tiger tour t-shirt is mine – from 1983. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be wearing my most treasured t-shirt and oldest item in my wardrobe, an item I thought until recently was most probably lost. I knew I hadn’t deliberately got rid of it, I just knew I’d put it somewhere ‘safe’ (that old chestnut!) and I’d been looking for it for years. In the end it was in a small storage box I’d forgotten about, found during a clearout of the spare room. Crisis averted.

The trick that makes this t-shirt look good

So, onto the trick I mentioned. Getting underwear that fits properly and is the right style and fit for what you’re wearing is fundamental to making clothes look good – it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, get the foundations right and everything will hang beautifully and smooth over you properly.
However, something I’d never considered before was the fit of the back of my bras – more specifically the dreaded back fat from tight straps. Now, as someone who’s got an incredibly small (and pretty bony) back and then large boobs, my back is not an area where I put on weight – all my weight goes to my hips and thighs.

Styling an original band t-shirt: Longline black blazer vintage Duran Duran tour t-shirt taupe peg leg menswear-style trousers snakeskin and panelled suede Finery ankle boots | Not Dressed As Lamb, over 40 style

… Just look at that difference! To say I was stunned when I saw the two pictures is a massive understatement – I was SHOCKED to see that, despite having a very small, bony back, I still had pockets of ‘fat’ bulging over the top of my bra, and that it was clearly visible in the slim-fitting t-shirt (that’s the picture above left, in case it wasn’t clear…)
Then compare it to the image above right where I’m wearing the correct fitting bra.
Totally smooth. No pockets of fat, not even a line of a bra strap. And in case you think I’ve not been clear enough about exactly how smooth, here’s a shot with my shoulders rounded to show you there is nothing visible:

It honestly looks like I’m not even wearing a bra from the back… that’s nothing short of incredible for someone who absolutely cannot, under ANY circumstances EVER, go without a bra.

This is what this brand to say about its product (and my response to each statement):
  • Four-way-stretch provides ultimate support and freedom of movement [Me: it’s very body-hugging but not at all restrictive]
  • Disperses weight evenly across the torso to relieve excessive pressure from the back, neck and shoulders and improve overall posture [Me: there’s none of that desperation to take your bra off at the end of the day when it’s been pressing on your rib cage]
  • Patented design and plush fabric provides ultimate comfort [Me: I’d agree that yes, the fabric is smooth and overall it’s very comfortable – and the vest part doesn’t ride up at all]
The beauty of this product is that you don’t have to rule out certain tops when out shopping – silky and “hangy” fabrics (I know that’s not a word, but you know what I mean) especially will not be a problem. I know that busty girls particularly need a lot of support with the right fitting bra – it’s almost impossible to then avoid the industrial strapping digging into you and creating bulges. My bras obviously do (previously unbeknownst to me) and I’m pretty fat-free in that area.

My recommendation


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