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TUPPERWARE  from  Shirlie’s  daughters I bring to you a product that will help  you with    * Saving time and money   *Healthy eating   * saving the  environment Enhance  eyesight • At some point, everyone will experience some loss  of their young hawk-eye vision. • “Pure water” is one of the steps to sharper sight, “Drinking a sufficient amount of pure filtered  water will avert total-body dehydration, and subsequently dry eyes,” . Water intake should be  complemented with antioxidants (beta-carotene),  as well as fatty acids like fish oil. Promoting mental health • water has an “thought-provoking influence”  on mood levels. water helps keep you energized,  which helps you generate more “feel good”  hormones that impact mood. Faster wound healing • staying properly hydrated can step up the pace  of the wound healing stages.  a lack of  moisture reaching the surface of the wound