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Best Latest Beauty Trends Right Now

  ‘Bleached eyebrows’ is another popular beauty trend that’s taken over the runways of London, Paris, and New York. The bleached eyebrow first appeared in the  1990s fashion  scene and was further popularized by DSquared2 and Richard Quinn runways. The purpose was to give the models’ faces an ultra-smooth, extra-terrestrial-like appearance. The bleached brows beauty trend stands in contrast to the natural, bushy brow trend that has dominated the beauty scene for some time now. One of the few makeup trends loved by makeup artists, this beauty trend is ideal for those looking to shake up the traditional brow game in 2022. Moreover, bleached brows emphasize extravagant eye makeup styles, as you’ll see below. After two years of lips hidden under face masks, the bold glossy lip beauty trend is back with a vengeance. In 2022 you’ll swipe on your brightest and boldest color, not just for first dates and parties but also for WFH meetings and running errands. Choose vibrant red lipstick and if

LG Electronic Wash Pop Facial Cleansing Tool

  PURCHASE Six reasons why it's better than just using your hands. 1.   It offers a deeper and more thorough (yet gentle) cleanse than just using your fingers or a washcloth. The hypoallergenic silicone bristles penetrate further into the surface of your skin, getting rid of more dirt, debris, and oil. 2. Your skin renews itself about every 28 days; exfoliation from a cleansing brush speeds up this process. 3.  Exfoliation tightens skin, shrinking the appearance of pores over time. 4.  Using a facial brush stimulates the surface of your skin, making it more radiant and smoother. 5.  Facial brushes help stimulate the process of eliminating cellular waste, also known as “skin detox.” 6.  It preps you for the rest of your skincare routine. Serums and moisturizers will be easily absorbed, so you’ll see better results. PURCHASE

7 Tips to be your own Boss

  Being your own boss can be the ultimate luxury, but it’s a lot of hard work, too. Check out the 7 tips below to keep you and your business in check and on track. MAKE A ROUTINE Creating a daily routine and staying organized are key when you have your own business. It could be something as simple as making the same breakfast every day and clearing specific times of the week for meetings, emails, phone calls and research. You can even schedule out when and how often you post to your business social media accounts with content planners and scheduling apps. BECOME A BUSINESS EXPERT No matter what type of business you’re in, you’ve got to become an expert in the product or service. Our Reps participate in regular sessions on everything Avon through AVON U our training platform, and the  Avon USA Representatives Facebook page . Each week, we provide new tools to learn the ins and outs on our products, selling strategies, digital tools, team- and relationship-building and more! The only way
  When a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s not only difficult for them, but it can also be a challenge for their support system. If your loved one has breast cancer, you want to help them and support them in the best way possible. While there are countless ways to help, here are a few suggestions to help you get started. Join Team Avon Avon and LG&HH are the National Presenting Sponsors with the American Cancer Society for Making Strides against Breast Cancer. Every year whether in-person or virtually, you can sign up and join  Team Avon  by participating in a walk or even fundraising! We hope you join us in making strides against breast cancer. Educate yourself. Read up on breast cancer so you can have an understanding of what your loved one is going through and learn how to help. Plan time to visit. Look at your own schedule and figure out how much time you can devote to helping your loved one. Then, communicate your availability with your loved one to see what days


  The right scent can be as perfect an accessory as a hot new purse. It can also inspire a burst of confidence in you—just one of the benefits of wearing a good perfume.   Other scent effects are deeper, hitting us at emotional and neurological levels. Our sense of smell is strong and neurologically linked to both taste and memory; so our favorite fragrances can be uplifting or calming, reminding us of bright days or wild nights—depending on their ranges and notes.   Physiologically, inhaling a fragrance stimulates the part of your brain where taste is analyzed and emotional memories are stored; it also connects to the areas that deal with heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stress levels, and hormone balance. Of the five senses, only our sense of smell is linked directly to our “emotional control center” part of the brain—the same place where fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and joy resonate from.   There is a whole arm of fragrance that uses scented oils and extracts for medicina

Earn in Your Pajamas

  Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money from home?  Do you enjoy working in your pajamas? If this sounds like you, then we recommend selling Avon. When you sell Avon, you can run your business from the comfort of your home. Work from your bed, desk, kitchen, or your favorite chair. To sell Avon in your PJs, take these few simple steps: Sign up to  become a Representative . You can set up your Avon business conveniently with easy-to-use tools and support to help you crush your goals. Curate your online Avon store. You’ll have your own free online store that customers can shop at 24/7, access to special perks, and so much more! Set up your store to highlight your fave products.  Be sure to communicate with customers via phone and text to keep them up to date on the latest products and exclusive offers. Build your social sales presence and connect with the beauty community. Learn how to become a social media maven with our dedicated Social Selling training team and AVON U, ou

How To: Straighten Curly Hair with the CHI Ceramic Hair Styling Iron

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How to Become an Avon Representative

  Start your dream gig in just a few steps! Part-time or full-time, online or in-person, sell Avon anytime, anywhere. It only takes a few minutes to join and it’s as easy as 1, 2, or 3! 1. Tell us a few details like your name and email address to get started. 2. Fall in love with top-trending beauty and share out your free personal online store link. 3. Start selling, score special extras and get on the path to big earnings! Ready to start earning? Become an Avon Representative! We Give You Everything You Need to Succeed Tools to Manage Your Business 24/7 Personalize your free online store, then text, email and share the link on social with friends and family for instant sales. Plus, you can sell anywhere and anytime with our mobile app. Tips to Network Like a Pro Explore dedicated training in AVON U to learn about the products, and how to make the most of your digital store and promote your beauty business. Amazing Avon Representative Benefits Get access to exclusive Avon Perks includ