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Best Latest Beauty Trends Right Now

 ‘Bleached eyebrows’ is another popular beauty trend that’s taken over the runways of London, Paris, and New York.

The bleached eyebrow first appeared in the 1990s fashion scene and was further popularized by DSquared2 and Richard Quinn runways.

The purpose was to give the models’ faces an ultra-smooth, extra-terrestrial-like appearance.

The bleached brows beauty trend stands in contrast to the natural, bushy brow trend that has dominated the beauty scene for some time now.

One of the few makeup trends loved by makeup artists, this beauty trend is ideal for those looking to shake up the traditional brow game in 2022.

Moreover, bleached brows emphasize extravagant eye makeup styles, as you’ll see below.

After two years of lips hidden under face masks, the bold glossy lip beauty trend is back with a vengeance.

In 2022 you’ll swipe on your brightest and boldest color, not just for first dates and parties but also for WFH meetings and running errands.

Choose vibrant red lipstick and if you’re not sure which shade works best for you, narrow down your skin undertones and choose between a warmer or cooler-toned lip shade.

Glossy lips as a beauty trend in 2021 mean overly sticky lip gloss that’s bound to catch any and every rogue hair it can find; if you know what I mean.

Another beauty trend catching your lips in 2022 is the Grunge makeup-inspired burgundy lips.

Layer on a bold burgundy lip color, or for a more lived-in, blurred lip effect, dab your lipstick on the center of your lips, then smudge and blend it out with your finger.

Several beauty brands, including Blumarine and Marni, show lots of love for shimmery, glittery skin, further strengthening the Y2k aesthetic.

The former beauty label sent models down the runway with exposed skin coated in a thick, bold layer of body glitter, while the latter had models appear with intensely shimmering skin.

At the same time, Del Core covered just a few of their models’ faces in a bold explosion of bronze drops and lots of glitters.

One of the most loved beauty trends of 2022 is the glittering, shimmering, radiant-looking skin, expected to take over music festivals and beaches worldwide.


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