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7 Foot Care Tips

Your  Feet  Need Care! Practicing Good Hygiene 1 Make sure to wash your feet daily.  Feet tend to get dirtier and sweatier than other parts of the body, so it’s important to have good sanitary habits. If you take showers in the morning and not at night, at least make foot-washing a part of your nightly routine when you get home. Aside from being a mark of good hygiene, doing this also stops you from carrying dirt into your bed. Wash them with soap and warm water. This will cleanse your feet of sweat, dirt, and bacteria that might be living there. Pay extra attention to the spaces between the toes. Wipe your feet gently with a towel afterward. Keep your toenails clean as well. If you walk around wearing sandals in the summer, you might find that your toenails get dirty. Take the time to clean them every time you bathe your feet. Click here for product suggestion 2 Moisturize your feet every day.  Put lotion or foot cream on as a part of your routine. One way t