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Tips to soothe dry irritate skin

  GO EASY ON CLEANING Wash your face at least once daily.  If you find your skin dry and tight after washing  don't wash multiple times a day. TRY A THICKER MOISTURIZER If that doesn't help also try changing your serums to cream versions.  You may also want to keep something like vaseline or Aquaphor to use throughout the day. USE SUNSCREEN DAILY This should be part of your daily routine.  I have a moisturizing sunscreen that I use daily. I love it because it does not leave a chalky film  SCALE BACK ON RETINOL AND EXFOLIATION If you have extremely dry skin exfoliation will irritate your skin more. COMBAT DRY INDOOR AIR WITH A HUMIDIFIER Your heater will dry out the air.  This is not ideal for dry skin.  I suggest a humidifier in your bedroom it will keep your skin happier.  LIMIT TIME IN THE SHOWER Long hot showers will dry your skin out.  Make your shower short using lukewarm water. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR  HIDDEN IRRITANTS If your skin is dry and sensitive, please switch to fragr