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Anew Sheet Masks Sheet masks are the hottest trend in skin care right now – and ours are the best! Our masks are super-saturated with a concentrated serum. You have to try it! The Firming Mask lifts and tightens and the Brightening Mask brightens and refreshes. Which one sounds right for your skin are needs? Royal Jelly in the Firming Mask is a precious ingredient – fit for a queen! The Brightening Mask is infused with fine white pearl essence. Just place the mask on your face, relax for 15-20 minutes and pat the extra serum onto your neck and d├ęcolletage for beautiful results! FEATURES AND BENEFITS Generously saturated with concentrated serum for intensive treatment Tightly woven mask material doesn’t tear, and holds serum more effectively on skin Royal Jelly in Firming Mask is known for firming and anti-aging benefits White Pearl Powder in Brightening mask promotes a clear, bright appearance  BUY OR SALE AVON WWW.YOURAVON.CO