Shirlie's Daughters' 6 simple tips to maintain healthy skin.


Shirlie's Daughters' 6 simple tips to maintain healthy skin.

Before we give out the healthy skin tips, we have to make a note of what causes  damage to your skin. Below mentioned are the reasons.

1. Lack of hydration:

Just as you need to hydrated to circumvent the sensation of an extremely dry throat, it is essential to hydrate to keep away the dry and pliable feeling from your skin. The skin cells are also made of water and need to be restocked for the skin to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is the only way to go about this because water is claimed to be the best food for skin.

2. Smoking:

The reasons you started is not important but, by now you must have the understanding that it does nothing to combat your stress levels. The only thing it manages to do is make you prone to various respiratory, heart troubles and dry your skin out and make you look like a cracked board. 

3. Sun damage:

Fun in the sun makes you feel amazing, but then when you look at your skin in the mirror, and your face falls, literally. The damage your skin has suffered due to exposure to the UV rays can be seen. You cant avoid the sun but you can use sun protection. Never forget it.

4. Lack of exercise:

This causes weight gain, and  introduces very many health problems but it also plays a role in the lack of luster in your skin. There isn’t enough flow of blood which is essential for the oxygen to travel across the body to each cell including the skin cells.

5. Bad eating habits:

The skin needs different nutrients.  Feed your skin the right food and it will respond with that lovely look you want. Tit for tat!

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Now that you know the leading causes of skin damage, here are the tips to gain healthy skin.

How to get healthy skin:

Tip 1: Minimal makeup

Ladies, please lessen makeup usage! It is really not necessary to always use so much make-up blush, concealer, just slow down. It may add a fine coating to your skin making it glowing skin, but what about your real skin? Is it really glowing? No matter the brand, it damages your skin to a large extent. We are not asking you to throw them off your shelf; keep them for use on those special days. The rest of the days, tone, moisturize, and use sunscreen. Let your skin breathe.

Tip 2: Face cleansing

Beauty experts have stated numerous times when asked how to maintain healthy skin, that you must clean your everyday. Even if you are too tired after a long party, cleanse all dirt and makeup from your skin. Your face needs to be cleared of all the chemicals in makeup. The makeup acts as a tight mask on your face keeping your facial pores clogged. If you go to bed with all these makeup on, you’ll wake up the next morning with a huge embarrassing pimple.

Tip 3: Slather on sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for your skin. The rays of the sun are extremely harmful. Skin cancer, premature aging, skin rashes all of these are caused when your skin gets too much sun exposure without protection.
Use a big dollop of sunscreen with SPF on your face whenever you are going out to protect your skin of all the anomalies caused to your skin by the harmful sun rays. It does not matter the season or whether the sun is out today or it’s cloudy. Use sunscreen always. Beauty experts also advise using sunscreens even if you are at home or inside a car or even if you on a flight. Celebs swear by SPF measured sunscreen to keep skin healthy and free from any diseases.

Tip 4: Exfoliating face

All the healthy skin tips for women say that you should exfoliate your face at least twice a week. Scrubbing your face will rid your facial skin of all the dead cells that might have clogged your pored leading to acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubbing your face will also improve your complexion, adds a glow to your skin while also clearing your skin of all toxins. Don’t scrub your skin daily, it will cause your skin to become dry.

Tip 5: Moisturize

Yes, other than keeping yourself internally hydrated, also use a good moisturizer to feed your skin. Moisturizers do not add a great deal of moisture by themselves but they lock in the present moisture and are hence essential to keep your skin hydrated. After a bath, make it a routine to moisturize your face daily to keep it hydrated. Before bedtime, place a towel soaked in warm water on your face this allows the pores of your face to open, allowing the moisturizer to soak into your skin.

Tip 6: Eat proper food to get healthy skin

Food provides life to your skin. Everything you eat in your everyday life contributes to a healthy skin. Only that you have to cut out on some and add some more. Cut out sugars and processed foods and add fruits, vegetables, and good fats.

************************Bonus Tips*********************

Take vitamins, this is insurance that your skin will be able to replenish and renew itself.
Avoid stress your skin can not handle stress.  A hormonal response to stress causes oily skin
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