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Why is it so hard to loose weight?

I am on a journey to improve my life.  One leg of the journey is to loose this extra weight.  I will eventually loos the weight.  Right now it is a struggle.  So I thought  i would try to get a better understanding of why it is so hard to loose this weight.  What is happening that is stopping me from doing something that I really want to do?  Is it my thinking?  Is it something physical?  So I decided to do a little research thinking it would give me some insight on how to approach weight loss.  

There are of course many things that affect your ability to loose the weight.  In my opinion these are the top five reasons that weight loss is so difficult.15 Tips To Lose Weight Without Suffering | Blogging Heros


As with any goal you set your mindset is so important.  So set a goal and fine some type of motivation. One way is to consider the benefits.  Be sure to honor any success  you have. How you feel about yourself is key. Look at the the journey and all it entails with a positive outlook.

2.  Your workouts

Without working out on a consistent basis losing weight will be more difficult.  It doesn't have to be everyday and you dont need to spend hours at it.  But you should set a weekly schedule.  Do some activities you enjoy this way you will be more likely to be active on a regular basis.   

3. Your Diet

Changing the way you think about food is a commitment that have to be made for lasting weight loss.  You have to make healthy choices most of the time. Here are somethings that are important to consider in this respect are"

* track what you eat start a journal.
* Take your time when grocery shopping.  It is important to read the labels.
* find the time to prepare your meals
*Take some time an do a little research so you understand proper portion sizes.
* most importantly make a conscious choice when deciding what to eat.  

Fat To Fit: How To Lose Weight Fast, Without The Diet Pills
4. Your Lifestyle

You will have to be willing to change how you live.  You have to break unhealthy habits.  For example you may need to rise earlier  in order to get in a quick workout, or make your lunch.  Preparing a lunch will save money and be an healthier option.  Spend your free time wisely.  Maybe you will need to watch less TV or spend less time on line. Dont cut out theses activities, instead find a balance.  This will allow you to get moving.  Lastly make sure your environment supports your goals.  Dont sabotage yourself clear the house of junk food. That way there will not be temptations.

5. Your Support System 

Its best if friends and family support you and what you are doing.  It can be done all on your own but help and support will make it a little easier.  Avoid being around those that dont support and understand what your journey.  A workout buddy is a great start for support.  

6. Your Goal

If you constantly feel like a failure there is no motivation to keep going,  So it is not wise to try and meet impossible goal.  Your goals should feel and be attainable.  When you reach your goals be sure to celebrate the win.

Unwillingness to Fail

You are human, you will have good and bad days.  So you will mess up and when you do please dont give up.  It is important that you overcome the fear  of failing.  You are  trying your best to make a good decision.

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