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7 steps to Flawless Hair Color

 I get it—keeping your hair colored can feel like a full-time job. Well, I have a few tips and tricks that can make coloring your already-colored hair at home just that little bit easier. Whether you’re doing a touch up , darkening your hair , or going to a completely new shade—these tips will help you get that professional salon look!


Remember different parts of your hair absorb hair color at a different rate due to the porosity of your hair. When the hair has been dyed previously adding more dye leads to build up. This will make the ends darker than the roots, not a good look! So you should really just touch up your roots. Also you find a product that will revive your ends, but not color them.


I recommend a strand test. This will allow you to see what the color will look like and give you an idea of the timing needed.


  • Take a ¼” wide strand from the underneath of your hair near the nape and secure in a hair tie or clip.

  • Use a small mixture of 1 part Radiant Cream Color (a pea-sized amount) and 1 part Conditioning Color Activator (a pea-sized amount) and apply to the strand of hair.

  • Start timing. After 15 minutes, check the strand. If the strand is not the color you want, return and check the color every 5 minutes for up to 35 minutes. To cover resistant gray, it may be necessary to leave the hair color on for up to 45 minutes.


Don’t let those hot roots get to you! Hot roots happen when you try to color your already-dyed hair a lighter shade and the roots end up looking noticeably warmer than the rest of your hair. Hot roots happen when the hair closest to the scalp lifts lighter and faster than the rest of the hair due to the heat coming off your scalp. Remember friends—“color can not lift color.” So if you have any type of dye on your hair, a lighter hair color will not be able to make your hair lighter. You’ll need a lightening kit to lighten your hair and get those gorgeous highlights at home—just like at the salon. 


When performing a root touch up saturation is key. With hair in four section apply color by massaging it into new growth. Please make sure not to miss any areas. The goal is to saturate every every strand.


When you’re touching up your roots the hair color will overlap your already colored hair, creating a darker band where the new color is touching the previous color. Escape this hair faux pas by applying hair color just to your roots and then gently feathering it down with a comb. Same goes if you’re coloring your whole head of hair with the Madison Reed Permanent Hair Color. Any time the dye overlaps with already-colored hair, simply comb it down and that easily prevents the dreaded band from appearing!


When it comes to cohesive hair color, timing really is everything. Think of your hair as three distinct sections—roots, mid-lengths, and ends. Hair color is meant to be on these sections at different times.

  • Roots: Often, this is where we start when applying hair color—whether you’re covering grays or changing to a completely new shade. The roots are your newest, freshest hair so it takes a bit more time for the color to perform when coloring hair roots.

  • Mid-lengths: This hair is a little more porous. It has been exposed to natural and unnatural elements such as sun exposure, previous coloring, highlighting, and heat styling—which means the hair shaft is a bit more open than your roots and receives hair color more easily.

  • Ends: The most porous of our hair, the ends, have been through the most. They accept color very easily and don't need as much time to process as your roots.

It’s always a good idea to give your roots the most time to absorb color—say about a 20-minute head start from the rest of your hair. After that, you can gently comb the hair color down your hair, adding more color to your mid-lengths and then finally to the ends.


To get the best results after coloring, make sure you use a great shampoo and conditioner to lock in that fresh color. This is also the best way to preserve your color and keep your hair looking its best. 

Introducing Elastine SALON de Color
Nourishing shades that care for your hair.

Superior results, no appointment necessary. This salon-quality hair color kit provides 100% gray coverage and rich, long-lasting color and in a nourishing cream formula with pro-keratin, collagen and ceramides for your most luxurious locks and healthy-looking hair that’s silky to the touch. Plus, we never use ammonia, parabens, mineral oil or benzophenone. It’s gentle on hair and non-irritating. Comes in a variety of shade ranges including rich browns, ravishing reds, radiant blacks and beautiful blondes so you can find your perfect color.

Transform your tresses in a few easy steps.

Pre-color Conditioning Treatment Serum – With 17 amino acids, replenishes moisture to extremely damaged hair. Preps for optimum color with hair that’s soft, smooth and manageable.
Follow with color in two steps.
Step 1:
Developer Crème – Activates color and enables it to penetrate hair cuticle while protecting hair. Creamy smooth lotion spreads evenly. TIP: Let sit for 10 minutes.
Step 2:
Color Crème – Gel-cream formula with collagen, ceramide and pro-keratin for protection with 100% gray coverage. Penetrates hair fibers for richness and radiance. TIP: Let sit for 30 minutes.

Post-conditioning Hair Mask – Cream infused with propolis, honey and royal jelly helps protect from heat and damage for long-lasting, vibrant color. TIP: Apply after rinsing to help protect and nourish hair.

Comb to fully detangle hair before applying the serum treatment and clips to section hair for complete application of color throughout.

Made in Korea

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Shirlie Jones
Independent Beauty Consultant

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