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Don’t Leave Home Without These Summer Essentials

 Memorial Day—aka the "unofficial" start of summer—is almost here, which means it's time to start
prepping for fun in the sun! 

If your summer plans involve plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, barbecuing, and beach trips, then you'll want to prepare by stocking up on SPF, bug repellents, and other products to help protect you and your family.  

Keep reading for summer must-haves you'll want to keep handy all season long.  
Isa Knox ANEW Solaire Active Face & Body Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 
Advanced sun protection meets luxury skin care in our unique lightweight lotion featuring our highest SPF. Best of all, there's no white cast! 
Avon Sun Protection+ Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body SPF 40 
For those who prefer natural formulas: you'll want to add this product to your cart ASAP. This mineral-based sunscreen, featuring SPF 40, protects your skin with non-toxic ingredients so you can freely enjoy the outdoors while staying safe under the sun.  
Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Expedition™ Aerosol Spray SPF 28 
This two-in-one spray protects against the sun's harmful UV rays and repels a broad range of biting insects. Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. 
Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes 
These travel-friendly towelettes provide strong and dependable repellency against mosquitoes, deer ticks, and many more pesky insects.  
Sirius Groom Shampoo For Dogs 
Don't forget about your furry pals! After their outdoor adventures, give them a refreshing bath with our pH-balanced dog shampoo to help remove dirt and wash away allergens.

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