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Protect Your MICROBIOME!

INTRODUCING THE MOISTURE THERAPY MICROBIOME COLLECTION Microbiome are beneficial micro-flora that live on skin as a protective layer, helping to keep skin looking healthy all over. When the microbiome balance is disturbed, skin loses its capacity to hold moisture and becomes dry and damaged. Care for your microbiome with our advanced microbiome-supporting formulas, with prebiotics and para-probiotics to help balance and soothe your skin. Create a healthy environment for skin’s microbiome and restore balance with this soothing body lotion, which replenishes moisture to leave skin softer, smoother and healthier-looking. 13.2 fl. oz. BENEFITS • Highly moisturizing body lotion • Contains ingredients known to support and help create a  healthy environment for  skin's microbiome • Replenishes moisture to leave skin softer, smoother and healthier-looking • Free from parabens, mineral oil and colorants ORDER TODAY To check out other great make-up and skincare items CLICK HERE

Shilie's Guide to Nail Polish

I never thought about it when choosing a nail color, but it goes beyond color, there is also texture, shine and finish to consider.  You may consider yourself beauty lover or you may just be curious about what your polish options are.  I want to give you info on the major types of nail polish.  So check out my guide  on the types polish so you can pin down your signature look.   Crème When it comes to classic nail lacquer, the standard style is crème. This type of nail polish is one of the most popular and tends to be relatively low-maintenance, with a broad spectrum of shades. Matte Contrary to popular belief,  matte nail polish  does look good year-round (most people tend to associate it with the holiday season). This nail polish style is distinctly anti-shine, but high-quality polishes offer plenty of depth and give any color a distinctly editorial look. For a bold impact with zero gloss, we like Zoya’s matte collection. Glitter/Shimmer Nail polishes that glitter or shimmer in the l

Meal planning for healthy skin

A skincare meal plan needs to incorporate anti inflammatory and nutrient rich foods.  Foods like avocado and salmon will improve your skin from the inside out.  Lotions and creams may improve your skin, but how your skin looks on the outside is also influenced  by what is happening inside your body.  Increasing the intake of certain foods will promote healthy skin.  Keeping down inflammation will impact skin health in a positive way, especially for conditions like eczema, psoriasis and arthritis. Healthy Skin Bonus:  Salmon is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which research shows decrease inflammatory markers. Be sure to aim for two 3-ounce servings per week of omega-3-rich fish like salmon, albacore tuna, herring and sardines. Nervous to cook salmon at home? Check out our  Ultimate Guide to Cooking Salmon  for tips and recipes to help you integrate salmon into your weekly menu. Breakfast 420 calories • 1 serving  Really Green Smoothie • 1 hard-boiled egg Snack 179 calories 1/4 cup

5 Mental Benefits of Exercise

Help for depression and anxiety Exercise is a scientifically proven mood booster, decreasing symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Physical activity kicks up endorphin levels, the body’s famous “feel good” chemical produced by the brain and spinal cord that produces feelings of happiness and euphoria. Even just moderate exercise throughout the week can improve depression and anxiety, so much so that some doctors recommend trying out an exercise regimen for these conditions before turning to medication. Decreased stress Another mental benefit of exercise is reduced stress levels—something that can make us all happier. Increasing your heart rate can actually reverse stress-induced brain damage by stimulating the production of neurohormones like norepinephrine, which not only improve cognition and mood but improve thinking clouded by stressful events. Exercise also forces the body’s central and sympathetic nervous systems to communicate with one another, improving the body’s overall ab

Avon Birthday Balm Lip Crayons

A lip crayon for every party, this butter-soft balm provides a sheer hint of color for your best nude lip ever. Plus, it’s portable, perfect for touch-ups and never needs to be sharpened. Available in shades that complement all skin tones. .1 oz net wt. BENEFITS • Sheer, moisturizing lip crayon • Enriched with non-GMO shea butter for soft and supple lips • Delicate-shine finish • Paraben-, phthalate- and gluten-free • Free from mineral oil • Retractable Please check out the latest brochure  CLICK HERE CLICK HERE TO DONATE FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER

Shirlie's Guide to Nail Shape

When I sit down with my nail tech, Larita @blackonxy nails there are decisions to be made.  How long, what shape, what color?  Seems pretty  straight forward right?  But  that is really not the case.  There are so many options.  I want to discuss the 12 options for shape.  I want to break down all the different shapes.. So please check my guide to nail shapes so you can make an informed decision. 12 Different Nail Shapes 1. Square Nails The name pretty much speaks for its self.  This nail is square, flat on the top.  It has a sharp corner.  This nail does not flare out or tapper in.  If you have short nails or narrow nail beds this shape should prove to be flattering.                                                        @blackonyxnails 2. Round Nails This shape starts with straight sides and then curves at the edge. This usually follows the natural shape of the fingertip.  This is very flattering on a short nail. 3. Squoval Nails This shape is flattering to most.  It has a softened