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Shirlie's Top 5 Make-Up Hacks

 1. Microfiber Cloths to Clean Brushes Tip

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your makeup brushes in between deep cleanings. You can also use a donut bun maker (for hair) or the Vera Mona Color Switch. Using one of these makes it easier for me to use the same brush for swatching eyeshadow since I can use the Color Switch first to get off most of the shadow, then follow up with the microfiber cloth to get anything left. I recommend the Avon Pro Brushes

2. Lipstick Collection Makeup Tip

Increase the number of lip colors that you have to wear by investing in a very dark lip pencil shade and a very light shade. You can even choose a midtone shade . This will allow you to triple the size of your collection. You can see how popping Frenemy on black makes a blue-toned purple, while on top of white it’s a neon shade. When placed on top of Venom it turns into a deep magenta berry. All that from just one lipstick!

3.Oily Nose Makeup Fix

If you have an oily nose, use eye shadow primer on your nose. Then spray with setting spray, then stipple your foundation on it. This will help it to last all day! This is probably one of the top questions I receive. 

4. Mascara Magic Tip

My friend Corinne swears by this trick. Stick your mascara tube next to your skin to warm it up (she does it between the boobs). It makes the mascara apply easier and it’s less prone to clumping. I recommend Avon's Love at 1st Lash.

5. Lip Stick Hack

You may already know my favorite lipstick hack. After you’ve applied your lipstick and blotted it, take a tissue and hold it over your lips, then use a brush to sweep setting powder over your lips. This will help your lipstick last longer. I used Complexion Perfect


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